The Pennine Way

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My first Long Distance Walk. The Pennine Way spans the Pennines from Edale in Derbyshire to Kirk Yetholm in Scotland.
Length of Walk: 268 miles
Time Taken: 170 hours
Highest Point: 2930 feet
Total Ascent: 29695 feet
Ease of Navigation
Ease of Terrain
Suitability for Wheelchair or Pram

Some Useful Facts

In completing this walk, you will most likely have:

  •  Passed through 287 gates
  • Climbed
    • 249 timber stiles
    • 183 stone stiles
  • Crossed 204 bridges
  • Passed 458 waymarkers

3 Useful Pointers from my Experience

Where to begin…. Edale is the obvious cry!

Seriously though, I think any attempt to complete the Pennine Way starts weeks, or months before. You need to prepare.

You need to work out what kit you need, try a weekend carrying it, and then decide what you can do without! 

I had 3 trial walks, the first one i could hardly lift the bag, walked 20 miles, set up camp, woke in the morning and could hardly move! I actually dumped tins of food because I could not cope!

Second attempt I had taken out a lot of tinned food, etc opting for only carrying the food I needed before i could restock, and a little emergency food. I also switched to dried and lightly packaged food.

I then took out most my clothing… One set of clean clothes for wearing in the evenings in civilisation and the clothes i was walking in, plus a small quantity of under garments (wash and wear theory) and I had probably taken out 8-10 kg, its still a trial to carry the 20-21kg I had left day in day out for 2 weeks up some of the highest peaks in England. I got lighter again in future walks, and it made it so much easier again…. 

Work hard to reduce the weight as much as you possibly can.

Make New Friends, or take some with you.

Company is a massive thing on this walk. The first half of the walk I did alone and it was ok, the days were long and the evenings tiresome. Then after a ridiculous day in terms of weather I met up with a 4 walkers, 2 walking together and 2 walking alone and we all went to the pub to discuss the day.

After that, although we did not walk together most days, we met up in the evenings camping together and eating and drinking together I got 3 friends for life from that evening, we went on to do many more walks together.

Always carry a Map and Compass,

Any one can get lost. one of us 5 was ex-military and got himself lost, luckily I was passing and knew where I was going (he hadn’t wandered off route, just lost his bearings. Had he lost wandered off, I would not have passed him). 

I had a walking satnav which helped me, although batteries did not last too long so it was only a backup. Battery technology has improved today but if you planning a full day of walking, do not rely on your phone as your only source if navigation, its just too risky.

My Recollections of this Awesome Walk

I did write this up in great detail on my original website, but sadly have not lost all that detail, and its now 13 years later, so I will not attempt to give a blow by blow account of the walk but provide some (hopefully amusing) anecdotes and pointers as I remember them.

Day by Day Route Details

The Old Nags Head - Start of the Pennine Way - Or is it?
And the End - The Border Hotel, Kirk Yetholm. Now how do I get home??

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About MJS Walking

I started walking again as i approached my 40th birthday. The thrill of reaching the peak of a mountain and the panoramic views is such inspiration. Before i knew it i was walking the Pennine Way, which sparked a whole raft of long distance walks. 

With time i hope to capture some of them and share the experience with you.

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